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JayBird Bluetooth Adapters for iPod and MP3

Cut the cord between your MP3 player and headphones with these Bluetooth adapters from JayBird.


JayBird Bear focuses on one thing and one thing only: stereo Bluetooth solutions for portable audio devices. The company debuted this year with three complementing products for music phones, iPods, and other MP3 players. The headliner is the JayBird JB-100, a stereo Bluetooth headset with an ultracompact form factor. This product makes a fine companion for any cell phones using A2DP Bluetooth, or for the small handful of MP3 players with that wireless capability (the Samsung T10 and Insignia Pilot, for example). However, for most other MP3 players--including the iPod--you'll need a little more help with cutting the headphone cord. Enter the JayBird Bluetooth Adapters. The company offers two different $50 models: the JBA-100m offers a standard 3.5mm plug for connecting to any audio device, while the JBA100i comes with a 30-pin connector that allows it to be snapped onto the bottom of any docking iPod. The iPod version is about half the size of the standard MP3 version, so it's quite a bit more compact, but neither one will add a ridiculous amount of bulk.