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Jay Leno kisses nerd in GoDaddy Super Bowl ad re-creation

Jay Leno wanted to kiss Bar Refaeli. What better excuse than to re-create her Super Bowl ad kiss with a nerd? Then comes the switcheroo.

Touching. NBC Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There are those who would dearly love to kiss Jay Leno.

And there are those who would dearly love to smack him in the kisser.

I have no horse in this face.

But I would like to show you Leno kissing a man. This man is Jesse Heiman, who won a difficult lottery in order to be the one who kissed Bar Refaeli in an ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

In this deeply scripted scenario, Leno believes he is about to re-create the GoDaddy ad and kiss Refaeli.

She performs a switch and makes him kiss Heiman, whose (Go)daddy Leno could truly be.

Some, quite unaccountably, found the GoDaddy ad discomforting.

These people would surely find this re-creation positively painful.

There may be those who are at least relieved that there doesn't seem to have been a more overt version of this particular kiss filmed, ready for release online.

The person behind the GoDaddy ads is actually a very business-minded lady, Barb Rechterman.

She reported to Forbes that the Refaeli-Heiman rumble-before-a-tumble spawned a record day in sales for the company.

This Leno-Heiman chaste kiss is merely a little afterthought after the main event.

I fear it may not have done too much more for the sales effort.

Somehow, Leno doesn't have quite the passion of Refaeli. Somehow, one imagines Leonardo diCaprio would not find him quite so captivating.