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Toothy 'Jaws' shoes put the fear of sharks into your footwear

Relive the heart-pounding, sharky thrills of "Jaws" in the form of some harmless shoes.

Sperry "Jaws" shoes

This is a new kind of land shark.


The sea-faring characters in the classic 1975 shark-attack movie "Jaws" sported some pretty practical footwear, specifically boat shoes made by Sperry. To celebrate the connection, Sperry is releasing a line of "Jaws"-themed footwear. The shoes come wrapped in delightfully gross "blood stained" paper inside a "Jaws"-themed box.

Sperry is well known for its boat shoes. They generally have slip-resistant soles and a canvas top. The "Jaws" shoes feature flat soles. Multiple designs will be available, though the coolest combination of the bunch features the woman from the film poster swimming at the water line on the left foot and the gaping toothy maw of the massive shark on the right.

The shoes will go on sale through the Sperry website on May 5, according to Yahoo, and through retailers on June 9 with prices in the $70 to $85 (about £60, AU$110) range. Sperry retails its shoes in both the UK and Australia, but it's not yet known if the "Jaws" editions will be available in those areas. If you try them on and they're too small, then you're just going to need a bigger boat shoe.