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'Jaws' baby bed is horrifyingly awesome

This was no boat accident. But it is the ultimate tribute to the most famous shark movie ever made. Crave chats with the crafty fan who may or may not be blamed in future therapy sessions.

What lullaby does one sing a baby in this situation? Joseph Reginella

When this custom-made "Jaws" baby bed made the rounds online, its New York-based creator -- Joseph Reginella -- had no idea it would go viral. Reginella, who works as a sculptor and toy designer, initially made the shark-attack bed as a humorous gift to his close friend.

"At a shop Themendous, we made an airplane bed for some little kid in California, and I thought it would be funny if someone would order a terrifying bed instead of something mainstream," Reginella told Crave.

"When I found out my childhood buddy Mark and his wife were having a boy, I said, 'I gotta make this,'" Reginella told Crave.

The bed, which depicts the shark in the 1975 horror film "Jaws" attacking a small boat, is carved out of Styrofoam and coated in plastic.

The bed already has gained quite a few fans who can't help but share the photo and blog about the unusual tribute.

"I thought people would like it, but this is crazy!" Reginella told Crave. And, yes, the baby loves it too, according to Reginella.

Here's Reginella's cat Peanut testing out the bed. Joseph Reginella