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'Jaws 19' trailer makes 'Back to the Future' more real

The fictional film "Jaws 19" from "Back to the Future Part II" gets a fictional trailer that will make you want to watch all the crazy sequels.

Coming soon. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Universal Pictures is getting in on the "Back to the Future Part II" fever that's hit a wide swath of the geek populace this year as October 21, 2015 approaches. That's the date when Marty McFly arrives in the future, so Universal debuted a trailer for "Jaws 19" in anticipation of the celebrations.

In "Back to the Future Part II," Marty McFly is standing outside a movie theater when a digital 3D shark pops out at him from the marquee advertising "Jaws 19." Screaming ensues. After recovering, he drops the line, "The shark still looks fake."

Universal's trailer goes through an entire list of "Jaws" movies, dropping brief descriptions of each one. Some of these sound amazing:

"Jaws 7": Cyber-Jaws made you afraid to log on.

"Jaws 8": Robo-Jaws made you afraid of robotic sharks.

"Jaws 11": Outer-space.

"Jaws 17: 50 Scales of Grey": Learned about love from a mysterious stranger.

"Jaws 19" is all about disappearing ocean habitat and how the sharks must fight back to save their homes. "This time it's really, really personal," the narrator intones.

Universal was the original distributor for the "Back to the Future" series. It shared the "Jaws 19" trailer on Monday with a short description saying "Coming soon."

Probably what's most amazing here is that the "Jaws" series isn't really up to its 19th installment yet. Considering Hollywood's bad case of sequel-itis, "Jaws 19" was one of the most realistic parts of "Back to the Future Part II." Now we just need the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series.