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Jawbone to be sold alongside iPhone

The Bluetooth headset will be sold in Apple stores at the big launch.

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset Aliph

When Apple fans across the country flock to their neighborhood Apple Store to pick up their shiny new iPhone next Friday, they'll also have the opportunity to buy a Jawbone Bluetooth headset to go along with it. That's right; the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset will be sold alongside the iPhone at all Apple Stores (plus Apple's online store) starting June 29, 2007. Designed by Yves Behar and decked out with military-grade noise-canceling technology, the Jawbone is certainly no slouch in the design and performance department, but we can't help but wonder whatever happened to Apple's own Bluetooth headset that Steve Jobs showed at MacWorld earlier this year. Will that be available in stores as well? Or will it be bundled with the phone? Considering the Jawbone sells for around $119.99, it might be wise for Apple to offer its own headset at a lower and more affordable price. That said, the Jawbone is a quality device (it's one of CNET's highest rated Bluetooth headsets), so if you have the cash to spare and the wherewithal to wait in line for the iPhone, it'll be there waiting for your Bluetooth-hungry hands.