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JavaOne: Ellison and Coleman gab and jab

The JavaOne conference is focusing on old uses for new Java; Oracle's Larry Ellison and BEA's Bill Coleman duke it out; Sun's Bill Joy talks about Jxta's promise.

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  Java gadgets on parade
The JavaOne conference in San Francisco this week will highlight old uses for new Java, while the wireless industry gets a taste for the programming language. Oracle and BEA josh at JavaOne
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and BEA Systems Chief Executive Bill Coleman trade friendly jabs but agree Java competition is better than the Microsoft alternative.
June 7, 2001 
Sun's Joy rapturous over Jxta
In a JavaOne keynote address
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  Ellison: J2EE is high-octane Java
Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle
designed to lure developers into his company's Jxta project, Bill Joy spends the morning preaching the gospel of open-source peer-to-peer.
June 6, 2001 
Java to simmer in 100 million Nokia phones
The handset maker Nokia announces plans to sell 100 million phones using the software language by the end of 2003.
June 5, 2001 
Sun finds Jxta fan in eMikolo
Sun Chief Scientist Bill Joy will share the limelight with eMikolo executives who will describe how they'll move from their current custom-made peer-to-peer software to Jxta.
June 5, 2001 
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  Joy shows Java's practical side
Bill Joy, chief scientist, Sun
Sun, Compaq support smart-card push
With each card that's issued, Sun makes a little bit of money as a royalty for its Java software, used to run the software on the tiny computer inside the card.
June 5, 2001 
Sun's Zander: Keep Microsoft at bay
The Net is at a juncture where its future growth must be kept out of Microsoft's exclusive control, Sun President Ed Zander says in his keynote address.
June 4, 2001 
Sun promotes Java on Cobalt servers
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  Sun: Open source leads to innovation
Ed Zander, president, Sun
The company introduces a developer kit for its Cobalt servers that it says makes it easier to use Java software on servers that deliver Web pages.
June 4, 2001 
Motorola offers new Java gear
Owners of Motorola phones equipped with Java soon will be able to read secure Web pages, control robots and search databases.
June 4, 2001