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Java Web design for novice users

Peak Technologies has a Web design program entirely in Java for non-technical users.

Peak Technologies has built a Web design program entirely in Java that will let non-technical users create sites without getting their hands dirty with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

The product is one of a slate of recent "user-friendly" Web authoring tools that require little technical knowledge. Peak's WebPage Builder, however, runs on any platform that supports Java, including Macintosh, Windows and Unix.

WebPage Builder comes with pre-designed templates, text options and an extensive library of animated objects, including Java applets, plus icons and other clip art that a novice designer can drag-and-drop into a Web site. For those with experience with graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw, WebPage Builder shows how to add custom graphics to a Web site. It also gauges the expected download and run-time performance of the site as it's being built, helping designers avoid bandwidth-hogging content.

The full release is due on August 1 and will cost $49.95. In the meantime, the beta version, which does not yet include the drag-and-drop graphical user interface, is available to more experienced HTML users for downloading and testing.

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