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Java flavors new software from Borland

The company readies new Java application-server software and, "catering to mere mortals," an update to its JBuilder software programming tool.

Borland is giving its customers a double shot of Java with its latest software.

In late November, Borland will release new Java application-server software, which businesses can use to run e-business and other Web transactions. The company will also release an update to its software programming tool for developers who use the Java programming language.

In the market for application-server software, Borland ranks far behind market leaders BEA Systems and IBM, as well as rivals Sun Microsystems, IBM and Oracle, according to most analyst reports. But the company creates one of the more popular Java software-development tools in a market that also includes WebGain, Sun, IBM and Oracle.

On Monday, Borland announced that its new application server, called Enterprise Server, supports the latest standards for Java and Web services. It also features new technology that makes the application server run more reliably and securely, said Frank Slootman, Borland's vice president of products.

Slootman said that Borland's new JBuilder development tool gives software developers a way to build Java software visually, using the Enterprise JavaBeans programming model, which lets developers create reusable pieces of software code and is a direct competitor to Microsoft's programming model.

The tool allows people to point and click to build their applications, Slootman said.

"We are catering to mere mortals, the rest of us, and the early adopters who lead the way with the Java platform," he said.