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Java buzz moves to the server

A handful of software makers announce the latest versions of their application servers and further Java-related integration.

The Java buzz has moved to the server.

A handful of software makers today announced the latest versions of their application servers and further Java-related integration.

Inprise, OpenConnect Systems, Sybase, and GemStone today announced new application server software at two trade shows in New York.

Inprise said its previously announced Inprise Application Server is now shipping. OpenConnect debuted its OC://WebConnect Application Server. GemStone said its GemStone/J 2.0 application server now includes additional security based on Sun Microsystems' JDK 1.2.

These companies, along with nearly two dozen other vendors, are targeting the application server space, which analysts expect to continue growing rapidly throughout the next two years as companies add Web-based e-commerce and other online applications.

The Inprise Application Server is for development, integration, deployment, and management of distributed enterprise applications. It includes a number of visual development tools that are tied into the middleware and management tools within the server. It also has a CORBA-based foundation and includes Inprise's AppCenter suite of application management tools.

OpenConnect's OC://WebConnect Application Server is an application server that allows companies to integrate multiple back-end data sources for Web-based application deployment. The server enables e-commerce with existing host applications and data, allowing companies to build server-based applications through a drag-and-drop development environment.

Sybase today announced a beta version of its Enterprise Application Server 3.0 and Enterprise Application Studio 3.0 toolset. The company said its application server allows developers to build applications using Java or its PowerBuilder toolset.

GemStone said it has included a number of security features in its GemStone/ J 2.0 application server, which is due to ship December 21. These security features include x.509 authentication certificate, Access Control List (ACL), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) features. The server also integrates a security architecture based on JDK 1.2 Java Security Architecture (JSA), Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA), and Java Cryptography Extension (JCE).

Inprise said its Application Server is priced at $3,500 per developer. With a license for the company's JBuilder toolset, the price is $6,000 per developer. Runtime licenses start at $20,000 per CPU, with a typical installation costing $250,000, the company said.

Pricing for OpenConnect's application server was not available.

Sybase said it will announce pricing for Enterprise Application Server when it ships in the first half of next year.

GemStone said the J2.0 server is priced at $4,995 for a single development seat in North America, and internationally for $6,495.

In related news, Informix Software today said it is adding Java support to its Dynamic Server database, allowing for the execution of Java stored procedures.

Also added is the ability to use Java DataBlade modules with Dynamic Server. DataBlades are software components used to customize the company's database to handle new data types.

Informix has also struck a comarketing deal with BEA Systems for BEA's WebLogic application server. The companies will certify WebLogic to work with the Informix databases.

As previously reported, Informix will also support both JDBC and SQLJ, two Java-aware data access methods, in its Dynamic Server database.