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Jared Leto is reportedly in talks for Joker spin-off movie

No joke -- Gotham's most famous villain could get his own film from Warner Bros.

Jared Leto could reprise his Joker role from Suicide Squad with a standalone movie.

Warner Bros.

If any villain in the DC Universe deserves his own spin-off movie, it's the sadistic, laugh-riot that is the Joker

Now it seems, the Joker -- played most recently by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad -- may get a movie all about his not-so-hysterical violent hijinks.

Leto could reportedly star and executive produce an untitled standalone film from Warner Bros. about the Joker, which could pave the way for future movies branching from Suicide Squad, according to Variety on Tuesday.

It's currently unknown when this particular Joker film starring Leto would go into production, as the project has yet to hire a writer to pen the script.

It's also not certain if the Joker film would shoot before or after the previously announced sequel to Suicide Squad, which was rumored to start filming sometime in 2019.

Talks of another stand-alone Joker movie with Martin Scorsese producing and Todd Phillips directing, began back in August 2017

At that time the new Joker film was described as a "criminal love story" set to come out sometime after Suicide Squad 2.

More recently, news hit in April about the Harley Quinn spin-off film for Warner Bros. starring Margot Robbie, with Batgirl screenwriter Christina Hodson attached to write and Cathy Yan to direct.

Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.