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Jar Jar's back in this parody trailer for 'The Force Awakens'

This mock trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" gives "Star Wars" fans exactly what they want. More Jar Jar Binks, okee-day?

OK, so we all thought that new that came out April 16 was pretty incredible. But wouldn't it be even better (dare I say perfect?) if it had a little more Jar Jar?

Motion graphics artist and technical director Michael Murdock thought so, and released a video to his YouTube channel this week that brings us so much more of the sort-of-lovable Gungan outcast from the prequels, a character that many people find annoying.

In the clip, called "Star Wars: The Binks Awakens," we see Jar Jar up to his usual antics, goofing around inside the Darth Vader helmet, hanging out with BB-8 and holding on tightly to an X-Wing as it flies into battle. Oh, and he's also the bad guy, wielding his crossguard lightsaber as a Sith apprentice out to destroy the Jedi Order.

Fortunately for all the "Star Wars" fans out there, this is a parody, and there is no indication Jar Jar will actually be in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" when it hits theaters worldwide in December.

Yousa, try to get this image of Jar Jar in the Darth Vader mask out of your head today, okee-day? Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET