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Super Nintendo World looks as fun as you'd imagined

The Universal Studios Japan theme park breaks ground for the new area of the park, which will include a Mario Kart attraction.

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All those hours you spent playing Mario Kart is about to pay off. 

The Universal Studios Japan theme park in Osaka hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday for Super Nintendo World, a section scheduled to open in 2020, according to Universal Studios. The opening will coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The main attraction of Super Nintendo World will be a Mario Kart attraction, Mark Woodbury, vice chairman of Universal Parks and Resorts, said during the ceremony.

Details on the new section are slim, but Universal execs said it "will bring the hugely popular Nintendo game to life in a way that takes theme park entertainment to an entirely new level and goes beyond what Nintendo fans and theme park fans have ever seen." It's unclear if this will include real-life carts and Koopa shells.