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Japan's iconic giant Gundam fires its last shot in Tokyo

After nearly a decade, Japan bids sayonara to Tokyo's giant protector.

UIG via Getty Images

The iconic giant Gundam that has protected citizens in Tokyo, Japan since 2009 is officially no more.

After its last show on March 5, the 59-foot (18-meter) tall RX-78 Gundam replica was officially dismantled by contractors this week, reports RocketNews24. The giant was left standing in its "Last Shooting" pose from "Mobile Suit Gundam," a scene that has touched the hearts of many anime fans.

It's not just a sad day for Japan, as people around the world took to Twitter to express their grief:

But all is not lost, as the space will apparently be used to host a newer, bigger Gundam robot, the RX-0 Unicorn.

Meanwhile, if you didn't have the chance to take a photo of the Gundam before it fell, here it is in all its glory: