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Japanese USB lighter on fire with hilarious ad

Closing on a million YouTube hits, an ad for the Jii USB lighter from Japan is pure anime madness.

Jii USB lighter
Jii is ready to light your fire. Screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

There are worse ways to get attention than an animated ad. Especially if you're a high-tech lighter in anime- and smoking-crazy Japan.

The vintage cartoon-style story begins on a dark and stormy night. In a remote laboratory, a mad scientist pulls a switch and gives life to a strange hybrid creature: a USB lighter.

Which then begins to dance and sing maniacally for a full two minutes of pure silliness.

The Jii USB lighter is a rechargeable igniter for your cigarettes that's been around for some time. But its recent appearance on Reddit has the ad approaching a million hits on YouTube.

The animation itself is funny enough, with the gyrating title character singing an alphabet jingle while doing everything from flashing his nether parts (the USB port) to acting the pirate, politician, kendo fighter, and Romeo opposite a match-headed girl called Matchi-ko (pun intended).

The jingle lyrics play on the many homonyms and onomatopoeia possible in Japanese. For instance, "Jii sedai" means the "Jii generation" but puns on "jisedai" or next generation (lighter).

And while he's smooching a buxom female lighter on the dance floor, Jii refers to himself as a "jigoro" (gigolo). Cut to the bedroom, where he's puffing on a cig after sex.

Jii is one cool dude. He's appeared on a number of blogs in Japan, where more than 30 percent of men light up regularly. Until recently, major manufacturer Japan Tobacco was 50 percent owned by the government.

If Jii's song and dance routine makes you crave your own Jii, the lighters are available in five colors. They can be bought in Japan here for about $6.

Smoke him if you got him.