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Japanese festival attendees can pilot this huge VR (Tomorrow Daily 212)

Khail and Ashley discuss how festival goers in Japan can pilot a 33,000-pound robot, watch Valve's VR headset demo for "Portal" and explain how a lab grew a tiny beating heart from scratch.

Hello, and welcome back to our show. We're pretty excited about the stories we talk about on the show today, particularly the return of "Portal" into our lives via an HTC Vive demo. If there's anyone else on Earth who misses Gla-DOS more than Ashley, we haven't met them. Also, this is totally a hardware-selling game, if it's full-length and coming exclusively to the Vive. We wouldn't put it past Valve, since they kind of need the Vive to take off to really start bringing in developers and support from third parties.

We're also discussing a festival in Japan with what's easily the greatest name of all time. It's called the Odaiba Dream Continent Dream Mega Summer Festival, and we want to attend next year, especially if Super Guzzilla is there. If you're not familiar with Guzzilla, it's a 33,000-pound robot that you can learn to pilot through a handy VR headset and motion-activated cockpit seat. Don't eat funnel cake right before you take robot pilot lessons, people. It's not gonna end pretty.

Lastly (but certainly not least), we can't believe UC Berkeley figured out how to get "rewound" skin cells to build a beating heart from scratch. No typical scaffolding or pre-existing structures involved, just some chemical "no-go" zones and some rewired cells with a mission. This is almost unbelievable (and 50 years ago would probably be considered black magic), but amazingly true.

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212: Japanese festival attendees can pilot this huge VR

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