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Japanese Copperfield proves iPad is magic

In an extraordinary street performance, Japanese magician Shinya proves true magic can be created using Apple's iPad.

"People laugh at me because I describe the iPad as magical," said Steve Jobs at the D: All Things Digital conferenceTuesday evening.

The truth is that many people were skeptical about the magic part. But then they got to see a Japanese magician called Shinya do all of Jobs' heavy lifting.

In this elevating performance, all shot on a busy Japanese street that just happens to enjoy an Apple store, Shinya doesn't so much pull a rabbit out of a hat, as pull cheese out of an iPad. As well as pouring milk into one.

The magician seems to have such a belief in the versatile powers of Apple's internationally acclaimed wizardry that he even shows how to use it as an ATM.

Of course, that almost seems mundane, almost foreseeable. So he stretches his imagination and your credulity as he gets a friend of his to bend a fork through the iPad's screen.

This whole thing is so charmingly shot--with stray backpackers on the phone in the background--that you can see the video camera reflected in the iPad's screen and believe that everything you are seeing is real.

"New communication brings new excitement," explains Shinya.

Being a magician, he does stoop to some old tricks, like allowing a dove to emerge from his gizmo. But the most important thing one needs to know is the secret behind all those tricks. So, please, if you know, just put those of us who are still in the thrall of such things out of our naivete.

Oh, and how did he manage all that animation without Flash?