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Japan to beam 3D holograms of World Cup games to your team's stadium

Japan plans to beam 3D holograms of World Cup games to your team's stadium if it wins the right to host the 2022 competition.

Japan plans to beam 3D holograms of the 2022 World Cup to stadiums around the world, so you can watch the greatest players on Earth running around your home team's very own pitch.

Should the Japanese host the 2022 competition, each game will be filmed by 200 high-definition 3D cameras positioned all around the pitch. Crowds at 400 other stadiums around the world will then watch holograms projected on to the pitch in front of them. Sound would be recorded by mics under the pitch. Hopefully the technology will include an industrial-grade expletive filter.

The competition will rely on the power of the fans -- literally. Fans cheering and stamping their feet will generate electricity, supplemented by solar panels on stadium roofs.

The plan is part of Japan's bid to host the 2022 World Cup. Bidding nations, including the UK, South Korea, Qatar, the US and Russia, will present their bids to FIFA today. The winning bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups will be announced on 2 December.

We've always known Japan is so far ahead of us that Japanese guidebooks could be filed in the science-fiction section, but this is ridiculous. We'd love to see it happen, but we're sceptical. Making insanely unrealistic promises for future sporting events is easy -- why, the London 2012 people promised decent stadiums and improved infrastructure. Madness!