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James Gunn's superhero-horror film BrightBurn gets first trailer

What if superpowers actually were a bad thing.

X-Men, Superman and many other superheroes are misunderstood as villains in their stories. But in the horror film BrightBurn, there may be a good reason to be scared of superpowered civilians.

The trailer released Saturday for the Sony film, which is co-produced by former Guardians of the Galaxy 3 director James Gunn, shows all the tropes of Superman you may remember: including a child falling down from the sky and being adopted by new parents (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman). 

However, the superpowers this child develops appear to come with violent tendencies instead of an urge to become a responsible savior for society.

BrightBurn is scheduled to come to theaters on May 24, 2019, in the UK, and on May 27, 2019, in the US. An Australia release date isn't yet available.

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