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Jaime Lannister will play the Game of Thrones right till the end

Cersei's twin brother is one of the most important characters as the HBO hit winds up for its final season.


Jaime Lannister is sticking around.

Macall B. Polay/HBO

Is this story a spoiler? Well, it should come as no surprise to Game of Thrones fans that Jaime Lannister (actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) will stay with the HBO hit till its last episode.

Harper's Bazaar reported this week that Jaime will appear in all six episodes of the show's final season, as opposed to just four, as originally reported.

To which we say: Whatever the High Valyrian equivalent is of "No duh." The Kingslayer is as vital to the final season as Daenerys, Jon Snow or any of the Starks. There's no way his fate isn't inextricably tied with the fight for the Iron Throne. He has to play an essential role in the much anticipated ending of the series.

After all, Jaime's clash with sister-lover Cersei, who may or may not be pregnant with their fourth child (she's lied before), is inevitable. Fortune-teller Maggy the Frog told a young Cersei that the valonqar would one day kill her, and "valonqar" means "little brother," which could be Jaime or Tyrion, as both are younger.

There are numerous theories about the role Jaime will play in what's looking like a truly bloody finale. But whatever path he follows, there's no way the writers are benching him early.