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Jailbreak tips from Martha Stewart?

Fabled homemaker and house arrest homebody Martha Stewart may have added a new skill to her formidable repertoire.

Four months after her release from a federal prison, the domestic diva remains largely confined to her Bedford, N.Y., estate to continue her sentence on charges of lying to government investigators about a stock sale. The terms of confinement require that she wear an electronic ankle bracelet so that her whereabouts can be monitored.

But Stewart, never one to be deterred by a household challenge, says she's found a way to make the shackle succumb--should the need arise. "I watched them put it on. You can figure out how to get it off," she tells Vanity Fair magazine, in an article due to be published next week. "It's on the Internet. I looked it up."

That's not to suggest that she ever has removed the anklet, which Stewart complains irritates her skin. The article says that she is in fact quite fastidious about meeting the requirements of her stay-at-home sentence.

Stewart gives no indication of where exactly on the Internet she found those instructions. The latest monthly column on her Web site focuses on how to "make one of my favorite summer lunches: a savory tomato tart."