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Jaiku launches always-on app for Nokia phones

Jaiku pushes out a new version of their mobile phone app.

Update your status, and keep an eye on your buddies with Jaiku's freshly updated Nokia S60 app. Jaiku

Jaiku's got a freshly updated mobile app for owners of Nokia handsets running the latest version of the S60 OS. Once installed, it lets you keep track of your Jaiku buddies without having to resort to your phone's Web browser. The real pull however, is presence, which lets you see what your Jaiku friends are up to live--or go back and take a look at their previous messages using a feature they call "stream view." With the new presence system, if you see one of your friends online, you can begin a conversation with them, turning the app into a near-instant messaging client.

Another big change users of Jaiku's previous mobile iteration are going to notice is a new option to swap back and forth between an "always on" mode, and one that checks in only when you re-enter the app, which cuts down on battery drain. There's also an improved way to share your presence with your friends, including your geographical location, which the app will pull up based on what cell phone towers you're connected to (handy for non-GPS phones).

Still missing is a way to access the app via Wi-Fi, which you can get around if you visit the slightly less featured mobile version of the site on your phone's browser. The Jaiku team is planning on adding this functionality in the next release.