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Jabs at Joffrey! 'Game of Thrones' fans roast the king online

"Your breath smells like a Dothraki horde." Fans take advantage of their chance to mock the most-hated "Game of Thrones" monarch with the two-day social-media smackdown #RoastJoffrey.

Join in the insult-fest against the Game of Thrones king with #RoastJoffrey.
Join in the insult-fest against the "Game of Thrones" king with #RoastJoffrey. HBO

The current king of Westeros, Joffrey Baratheon, is not only hated in his fictional kingdom, but also loathed by real-world "Game of Thrones" fans who wish someone would give the young tyrant a good spanking, or even better -- a quick shove off a cliff.

While fans can't determine his fate on the show, they can still offer up their best stabs at the short-tempered king thanks to #RoastJoffrey, a two-day interactive slap in the royal brat's face.

"All roast the King! Lend us your tongues, taunts, and tweets for the first social-media roast of the 'beloved' King Joffrey," HBO encourages on

Fans who want to offer up their best taunts should join in the fun on Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #RoastJoffrey.

Featured roasters on include celebrities director Eli Roth, model and reality TV star Adrianne Curry, rock stars Joel and Benji Madden, "Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia, comedian Steve Harvey, and comedian Joe Rogan, among others. Even Charmin toilet paper got in on the hate parade, sharing that "There are some people so crappy even we won't go near them. #RoastJoffrey #tweetfromthethrone."

Here are just a few more of our favorites:

For further hilarious jabs, be sure to also check out the fan-created meme #HipsterJoffrey. (Hint: Joffrey prefers artisanal, locally grown insults.)