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Jabra unveils Pro 900 Series wireless headsets

Jabra Launches its Pro 900 line of entry-level office headsets crafted for hands-free calling in comfort.


Jabra this week introduced its new Pro 900 series professional wireless headsets. Though not shy on features, you'll pay $199 for the privilege of using them.

The Pro 900 series consists of two headset models, the Pro 930 and Pro 920, which connect to desk-side office phones and allow workers to receive and initiate calls wirelessly.

While cordless headsets have been around for years, Jabra says these new products offer premium features such as active noise-canceling, a comfortable fit, and pristine audio quality for an "affordable" price. No, that's not cheap for an individual consumer, but it beats the cost of full enterprise equipment that businesses might otherwise choose to deploy.

Other refinements include soft earcups for enduring brutally long conference calls along with volume controls. The Pro 900 headsets also sports an LED display indicating Battery, Mute, and connection status and a SafeTone function that automatically dampens sudden loud outbursts to guard against hearing loss.

Both devices are essentially identical and provide the same set of core features and run for the $199 price. The major difference between the two models is that the Pro 920 simply hooks up to traditional phone systems whereas the Pro 930 supports modern PC-based telephony solutions.

Interested in a pair? The Jabra Pro 900 series is on sale now.