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Jabra JX20 Pura: If Zoolander owned a Bluetooth headset

If you're going to look crazy talking to yourself while waking down the street, then you might as well do it in style, using the Jabra JX20 Pura

In the past, you'd probably cross the street if the person walking towards you was talking to himself. Nowadays, you'd be the chump -- Bluetooth headsets have given people a bonafide reason to blabber into the air. Of course, this doesn't mean that people won't laugh if your Bluetooth headset looks like a prop from Universal Soldier. Enter the Jabra JX20 Pura.

The Jabra JX20 was designed by Jacob Jensen of Bang & Olufsen fame and looks every bit the part of a high-end product. Boasting 6 hours talk time, digital sound enhancement and not least a fancy desk stand, the JX20 won't the subject of sidewalk ridicule. That privilege will cost you, though -- £100, to be exact.

We're not sure it's entirely worth paying the price of a Nintendo DS Lite for something that just helps you talk on the go, but it does look much better than your average Bluetooth headset. If you value your stylish, hands-free reputation, you can pick one up from the Carphone Warehouse later this month. -Andrew Lim