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J.D. Power: Verizon again tops in customer care survey

Marketing researchers recognize the nation's largest wireless provider as a leader in customer care.

J.D. Power names Verizon customer care leader for fourth consecutive time. CBS Interactive

For thefourth consecutive time, J.D. Power and Associates has named Verizon Wireless as the leader in customer care among full-service wireless providers.

The semiannual report is based on feedback from thousands of consumers, scoring carriers based on three contact channels: telephone; walk-in (retail store); and online.

J.D. Power and Associates

Verizon leads all full-service providers with a score of 766, just ahead of AT&T's 759, however both were above the industry average. Verizon credits social networking efforts for the high marks, touting the active and light-hearted online personality.

J.D. Power also found the carrier to do particularly well in phone calls with customer service representatives. Sprint was slightly under the average with a 746 and T-Mobile trailed in fourth place with a 715 score.

J.D. Power points to shared data plans as one reason why both Verizon and AT&T scored better than others. The report shows satisfaction levels to be even higher (778) for customers who adopted a shared data plan; household spending was also $30 higher per month.