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iZON Remote Room Monitor puts 'eye' in iPhone

The new iZON Remote Room Monitor uses a camera and iOS app to keep video and audio tabs on a room. Use it as a baby monitor, set it up for security alerts, or just watch a naughty puppy while you're away at work.

iZon Remote Room Monitor
Can you see me now? Stem Innovation

Maybe you have a new puppy. You wonder if sweet, innocent Spike is destroying your leather couch and everything else you hold dear while you're at work. Maybe you want to know which roommate is stealing your leftovers from the fridge.

Pair the iZON Remote Room Monitor from Stem Innovation with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and wonder no more. Remote cameras aren't a new concept, but the iZON comes in at $129.95 and has some enticing bells and whistles that should appeal to Apple fans.

Set up the compact camera somewhere convenient, point it at the object of your interest, and hook it up to your Wi-Fi network. It works with the free Stem:Connect iOS app to give you a real-time audio and video peek into the room.

There is a limit of 5 minutes when it comes to remote viewing with the app. That might help save you from running into data overages when using a 3G or 4G cell network.

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You get a little more flexibility than just remote viewing on the fly. The iZON can be used like a security camera to send you alerts when it detects motion or noise. You can click to record a 30-second clip or automatically record to a private YouTube account if you need to collect evidence against your wayward roommate.

This gadget is squarely aimed at busy professionals and new parents. It could easily be pressed into service as a high-tech baby monitor. That's one way to get baby on the Apple fanwagon at an early age.

iZON app motion settings
Adjust your motion settings from afar. Stem Innovation