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iWeb to wither and die under an iCloud

Apple's iCloud introduction looms over the continuation of some of Apple's lesser known MobileMe services.

The forecast for iWeb is looking gloomy with Apple's iCloud darkening its horizon.

iWeb is Apple's watered down answer to Adobe DreamWeaver. It lets you can create aesthetically pleasing websites with very little effort. It could also host the site if you were mad enough to have a subscription to MobileMe.

Unless you've had your head in the clouds, you'll know Apple's upcoming iCloud service is set to replace MobileMe as the fruit-flavoured company's online offering. Now it looks as though iWeb users will have to take their business elsewhere, according to MacRumors.

A concerned Apple fan endeavoured to email Apple boss Steve Jobs asking if he should consider other companies to create and host his site, while also slamming MobileMe.

The ever enigmatic Jobs replied with a deeply profound, "Yep," and the conversation finished on that note.

As you take a moment to digest that, it's important to note that MobileMe will continue to run until 30 June 2012, after which it is assumed iWeb will be an ex-service.

The writing has been on the, er, webpage for some time, iWeb's last major update in 2009. Having only had minor tweaks since -- the latest being in February -- it would appear the service has slowly been dying.

The authenticity of the emails from Mr Jobs are always contested, though MacRumors claims it has inspected the email.

With the rumours of discontinuation (sort of) confirmed, iWeb users will have to migrate over to another hosting site before Apple leaves them high and dry.