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iWeb 3.0.2 is available; Safari updates released

Apple released a small update to iWeb that addresses issues related to publishing Web sites to MobileMe.

Apple released a small update to iWeb that addresses issues related to publishing Web sites to MobileMe. In particular, it refines comment and search support for blogs and podcasts that are uploaded to these Web sites. In addition, Safari has also been updated for Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Windows.

iWeb 3.0.2

iWeb 3.0.2 can be downloaded via Software Update or from the iWeb update Webpage.

The update is 177.14MB as a standalone download but may be a slightly different size in Software Update for various systems. The update should not require a restart.

Apple has also updated and released a number of iWeb-related knowledgebase documents that outline various problems and fixes or FTP Web site access, distorted text, recording with external cameras, and working with GIF formats and color profiles:

  1. iWeb: Comment attachment returns 404 page
  2. iWeb: Issues publishing to Facebook using FTP
  3. iWeb: Distorted text in published Modern Frame theme
  4. iWeb: Issues recording with an external iSight camera
  5. iWeb: Working with GIF format in Photo Album pages
  6. iWeb '09: FTP Path or Directory settings may require a slash symbol
  7. iWeb: Managing color profiles for published pages
  8. iWeb: Publishing to Windows based FTP server
  9. iWeb: RSS Feed widget cannot access content from password-protected MobileMe domain

Safari 5.0.2/4.1.2

Safari version 5.0.2 fixes issues that could prevent users from submitting Web forms, an incompatibility with Flash 10.1 that could result in Google Images to display content incorrectly, and now makes encrypted connections with the Safari Extension Gallery. The update for Tiger only addresses the problem with Web forms.

As with other updates, this one is available via Software Update for the respective operating systems but can also be downloaded from Apple's Support Site. The full and latest version can also be obtained from the official Safari Web site.

Safari 5.0.2

Safari 4.1.2 for Tiger

Safari Website

The Safari Update includes updates for WebKit and will require a restart when installed.

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