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I've lived a day with the new Yahoo logo, and I'm going crazy

When something changes so radically after so many years, it's hard to come to terms with it. It sticks out like a huge barnacle. Or does it?

Logo loco? Yahoo

I could hardly sleep last night.

Just before I went to bed, the new Yahoo logo was revealed, and I wasn't fully prepared.

I'd only had one glass of Sushi Ran Pinot Noir, and this wasn't going to be enough.

Not only did this thing have a dancing exclamation point, but the CEO herself pottered along to Tumblr to explain that she'd had a hand in its design.

This was the same Marissa Mayer whom Google designer Douglas Bowman had rather stingingly seemed to criticizefor testing 41 shades of blue.

He did this while announcing that he was now a former Google designer.

How the poor design team behind the Yahoo logo must have suffered. After all, their rejected ideas were being paraded for 30 days, before the accepted one -- which they might not have designed much of at all -- was unveiled to trumpets and glory.

So there it was, like the old Yahoo logo after six months at Jenny Craig.

Slimmer, lighter, and more modern. Alright, it was now hanging somewhere in the mid-1990s, but the old one wasn't exactly art, was it?

I waited until the morning to see what Yahoo Mail looked like. Well, very much as before with a slightly more praying mantis-ish logo.

It was still purple, and the exclamation point didn't even bother to twirl in front of me. Which I thought a touch rude.

It took me hours to dare see Yahoo Sports, however. This apogee of simple, if slightly dated, cleanliness is normally such an easy read.

I didn't even notice the logo. I was too perturbed about how a completely new design of the whole site was buggy in both Firefox and Chrome.

Worse, in the middle of all the news about Peyton Manning and the Pittsburgh Pirates was what was almost a story and a little odd. Next to a Roy Lichtenstein image of a woman were the words: "How Old Is Your Body?"

A quick scan down the page offered, after several baseball previews, a picture of a woman in a bikini and the message: "How Cruise Ships Fill Their Unsold Cabins."

Lower down was another picture of a woman and "Rachael Ray Dishes Up Exciting Way To Cover Grays."

Please, all you who fulminated about the Yahoo logo looking like "it was made by someone's nephew that just learned how to use Photoshop for the first time ever."

Logos aren't all that important. They live in a context. They take life from all around them and give a little back.

Here's what matters: Yahoo Sports thinks I'm a woman with issues.

How am I ever going to get over that?