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iTweet (iPhone app)

iTweet (iPhone app)

iTweet application for the iPhone iTweet

There is a plethora of Twitter applications out there for the iPhone (PocketTweets, ThinCloud, and Hahlo, to name a few), but that didn't stop the folks at Illusion Factory from coming up with iTweet, yet another iPhone application to help you send Twitter posts that much faster. Like many of its competitors, iTweet will show you the Public Timeline, as well as your Friends Timeline, plus Direct Messages, Replies, and so forth. What sets iTweet apart, however, is that instead of loading an extremely long timeline, you have the option of only viewing new Twitter messages. This is invaluable if you're checking your Twitter messages over EDGE, which can be painfully slow. We also appreciate the large font and large graphics, making it easier for us to tap and scroll through pages. We definitely recommend giving this a try if you just can't get enough of Twitter on the iPhone.