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iTunes/Panther freezing

iTunes/Panther freezing

Last week we covered reader reports of problems with iTunes crashing when an iPod is connected. MacFixIt reader Alex Gray points out a thread on Apple's Discussions forums that discusses other problems with iTunes under OS X 10.3. The thread was started last December, but now has well over 100 posts. One post in the thread appears to summarize the problem well:

"I will have itunes open and be listening to music, and (randomly) it will start skipping for a moment and then go silent, the computer then becomes totally unresponsive. The computer is frozen at this point (no force quitting, etc.) but the cursor still moves. The the song will cut in and out (mostly out) for eternity. OK, well I never let it go more than 1/2 hour, but basically the computer never comes back. It is impossible to send a crash report on this [because iTunes never actually quits]."

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