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iTunes update for Windows Vista addresses BSOD

Apple releases a new media player version and recommends that Windows users replace outdated drivers for Webcam products, scanners, and some media card readers.

Apple on Friday issued an update for iTunes 8 that specifically addresses problems experienced by Windows Vista users, and issued general recommendations for Windows XP and Vista users experiencing sync issues with iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Since its release earlier in the week, iTunes 8 has bedeviled some Windows Vista users with the so-called blue screen of death, or BSOD, and other issues. Speculation has focused on an incompatibility with USB devices, such as Webcams and printers.

In a support post, Apple recommends that Windows Vista users experiencing difficulty should uninstall iTunes 8 and, after rebooting the computer, reinstall the updated application. (You can download the updated iTunes 8 for Windows from CNET's Download.com.)

Also on Friday, Apple posted recommendations regarding problems experienced by Windows XP and Windows Vista users when syncing the iPhone or iPod Touch devices containing saved photos. Apple says that "while any driver software could be a factor, updating the software drivers for Logitech QuickCam/Webcam products, Lexmark scanners, and some built-in media card reader drivers on the computer may solve this issue in a majority of cases."