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iTunes phone impatience

iTunes phone impatience

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of all the hype over the iTunes cell phone? Rumors about the Motorola Rokr, which may or may not support iTunes, have been circulating wildly all year. The company offered a brief glimpse of the device last month with the promise that it would make an official announcement before September is out. But earlier this week, new gossip spread that there would be an unveiling in Britain this weekend. That talk has proved to be untrue, however, and it looks like we're still in line for a rollout of the Rokr next month. Personally, I wish they would stay on schedule this time or just drop the phone completely. In other words, more action and less talk.

Nokia also entered the buzz yesterday when it announced that it had not reached a deal with Apple to make its N91 music phone support iTunes. Yet the company did say that the design of the N91 could allow software developers to make it compatible with Apple's service at some point. It's unclear when exactly we'll see the N91 for sale in North America, but we were able to review its sister phone, the Nokia N90, earlier this week.