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iTunes Match iCloud reset, iPhone 5 imminent

Apple is resetting iTunes Match iCloud libraries on Monday 26 September, further hinting iOS 5 is ready. And that could mean iPhone 5.

Seems like the iPhone 5 is tantalisingly close. Apple has announced it'll reset iTunes Match iCloud libraries on Monday 26 September, hinting iOS 5's Golden Master is ready. All of which points to an imminent release of the iPhone 5.

The official reason given for resetting the iTunes Match iCloud libraries is to improve the service's reliability and overall quality, reports 9to5 Mac. But we're not falling for that one.

Apple emailed all developers using iTunes Match, which lets them back up songs online in the cloud, to let them know "it has become necessary to delete all current iCloud libraries".

iCloud libraries will be deleted at 9am (5pm our time) on Monday, though the email notes songs on developers' computers won't be affected. It also instructs them how to turn off iTunes Match on their computers and iOS devices. The image at the top of this story showed up in iTunes.

This comes after Apple wiped all iCloud backup data on Thursday. All of which would quite heavily hint that the Golden Master of iOS 5 is ready, which in turn means the iPhone 5 can't be far off. An Apple launch event is rumoured for 4 October -- that's a week on Tuesday.

Two new models of iPhone are rumoured (by Al Gore, among others) -- an iPhone 5, that'll have a new tapered design, as well as a lower-end iPhone 4S that'll be a slight variant on the iPhone 4. Catch up on all the rumours right here. And for a charming history of the iPhone, check out our animated infographic.

iCloud is Apple's online storage facility, currently available only to developers while the bugs are ironed out, which'll launch alongside iOS5. It was announced back at WWDC in June, along with iOS5.