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iTunes Match goes live in the UK after bumpy launch

iTunes Match, the service that lets you store your music collection online, has gone live in the UK.

iTunes Match, the service that lets you store your music collection online has gone live in the UK, after a slightly confused launch.

iTunes Match scans your iTunes library, including songs you've acquired from other MP3 download sites or ripped from CDs. You can register up to 25,000 songs.

You can then stream your music collection to a host of devices, including Macs, PCs and of course Apple's iOS kit -- that means iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, as well as Apple TV.

You only need to actually upload tracks that aren't already contained in Apple's iTunes catalogue. That's because if iTunes recognises that one of your bangin' choons is already represented in its vast library, it'll just let you stream that track instead.

The good news there is that tracks are played back at 256kbps, even if your original file was of a lower quality. The service has come under fire from some, because it lets you upload tracks you could have acquired through illegal file-sharing services.

All this won't come for free -- Apple will relieve you a penny under £22 per year for the privilege of using the service.

iTunes Match seemingly went live prematurely yesterday, reportedly with a troublesome sign-up system. Apple is refunding eager beavers who signed up to the service before it was working properly, the Metro reports.

To find out more about iTunes Match, check out our complete guide.

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