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iTunes 6.0.3 (#5): Party shuffle problem; Audio Hijack issue; Problems transferring purchased music

iTunes 6.0.3 (#5): Party shuffle problem; Audio Hijack issue; Problems transferring purchased music

Party shuffle problem We've documented an issue in-house where the Party Shuffle feature fails to restrict playback based on the selected source after updating to iTunes 6.0.3.

No matter what the selection for source (a playlist), iTunes 6.0.3 plays through the entire music library in Party Shuffle mode on our in-house Macs.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

Audio Hijack issue MacFixIt reader Pete Young reports an issue with automatic recording triggering in Audio Hijack Pro after the update to iTunes 6.0.3.

Pete writes:

"The problem, at least, is simple: After I installed the new iTunes on my iMac, my AudioHijack timers stopped working. I can record manually, but AudioHijack isn't triggering recordings at pre-set times.

"Rogue Amoeba Software Support insists there's no issue, and says restarting will reset AudioHijack's scheduling.

"I tried it. It doesn't work. I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.5 on a PowerMac4,2

Problems transferring purchased music MacFixIt reader Mike reports issues transferring purchased tracks to his iPod after the update.

Mike writes:

"I just updated to iTunes 6.0.3, and now can not copy purchased music to my iPod Mini or my sons iPod Mini? It says I need to update our iPods to the latest software, But here is the problem we are up to date on both (1.4.1 on the iPod Mini) The work around for the album my son just bought was to rip a audio CD the rip it back to avoid the copy protection. This was lame and time consuming to say the least."

This is an issue covered in our iPod special report (all models), and various fixes exist:

First, select one of the purchased tracks and attempt to play it. In many cases, the song will not be authorized for play on its host Mac, and you will be required to enter your Apple identification e-mail address and password. After authorizing the song(s), re-attempt synchronization.

Second, make sure that your iPod's firmware is up-to-date. Download the latest iPod updater.

Finally, failing the above to procedures, try performing a Restore process on your iPod. Note that you will lose all music currently stored on the iPod during this procedure.


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