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iTunes 4.5 (#4): Reverting to version 4.2; Disable "ShapeShifter" for some music store problems

iTunes 4.5 (#4): Reverting to version 4.2; Disable "ShapeShifter" for some music store problems

Reverting to version 4.2 For users who continue to experience problems with purchased music tracks after following last week's instructions for installing all required new updates in order, MacFixIt reader Wayne has a simple process for reverting to version 4.2 of iTunes:

"I did a 'test' upgrade to 4.5, and of course found that my daughters and I cannot share our libraries. So, I renamed the iTunes application to iTunes 4.5, and copied a 4.2 version from my daughters iBook. iTunes 4.5 seems to have only renamed by 4.2 library to "iTunes 4 Music Library (old)", I moved the 4.5 library to a tmp directory, and renamed the "old" one back to "iTunes 4 Music Library".

"Starting iTunes (4.2) confirmed that I had successfully restored it. Several of the free songs I downloaded after my upgrade were easily added back using the 'Edit/Add to Library...' menu options."

Disable "ShapeShifter" for some music store problems Some users having problems with the music store shopping cart and one-click ordering under iTunes 4.5, report that disabling ShapeShifter - a haxie to change OS X interface via themes - resolves the issues.

MacFIxIt reader Thomas Deliduka writes "Last week I couldn't get to the Apple store's shopping cart nor could I order using one-click and I could with my windows computer.

"Turns out disabling "ShapeShifter" for iTunes solved my problem. [...] I simply added iTunes to the exclusion list in the ShapeShifter control panel."

Meanwhile, a report at states "Jason Harris of Geekspiff Software is no doubt working on a minor ShapeShifter update to fix the problem. For now, it is recommended that users experiencing problems add iTunes to their ShapeShifter exclude list."


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