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iTunes 4.5 (#3): Authentication, and tracks not playing in other iLife apps - solutions; Music store problems; more

iTunes 4.5 (#3): Authentication, and tracks not playing in other iLife apps - solutions; Music store problems; more

Authentication, and tracks not playing in other iLife apps As noted yesterday, most users are unable to play purchased music files (and in some cases other, unprotected MP3 files) through other iLife applications (iPhoto, iMovie, etc.) after updating to iTunes 4.5. Contrary to some other circulating reports however, playing iTunes purchased file in other applications after the update is possible (see "Solutions" below). In fact, Apple's intent was to disallow other third party applications (not its own) from accessing iTunes libraries.

One reader's situation "iPhoto keeps asking to authorize this computer when trying to play purchased music on the slideshow feature. It opens iTunes and then asks for a password and then nothing happens."

And another "I tried a slide show in iPhoto using music purchased previous to iTunes 4.5 and was unable to play with a message stating that the computer was not authorized and then could not get through to ITMS to authorize."

Obviously, Apple has updated the authentication mechanism in iTunes 4.5, crippling other iLife applications in some cases.


Installing applications in the correct order to play purchased music MacFixit reader Trevor Curtis was able to play purchased files from iTunes 4.5 in iMovie 4.0.1 only after installing the latest versions of iTunes, QuickTime, and iMovie in a specific order:

  1. iTunes 4.5
  2. QuickTime 6.5.1
  3. iMovie 4.0.1

As noted by Apple Knowledge Base article #107969, "after upgrading to iTunes 4.5, you will need QuickTime 6.5.1 to use iTunes Music Store content outside of iTunes. QuickTime 6.5.1, in turn, requires the versions of iLife applications listed below, or later: iDVD 4.0.1; iMovie 4.0.1; iPhoto 4.0.1; iTunes 4.5

Re-importing from CDs Another solution that seems to work for music that is not purchased from the iTunes music stores is to delete the unplayable files and re-import them from original CDs.

Christopher Ehren writes "Almost none of my purchase music will play. I double-click a track and nothing. I have confirmed that the files exist in the proper directories. I had the same trouble with a few tracks that I had imported myself from CDs, but after reimporting from the original CDs, (a major pain) they're fine."

Older version of QuickTime Some users report that if they are using an older version of Quicktime (5.x), iTunes music will play in iMovies, but without sound.

A word about the new DRM and Apple's legal rights Sharp eyes may have noticed that Apple added a specific clause to its iTunes music store license agreement (which users prompted to agree to again after the iTunes 4.5 update):

"You agree that you will not attempt to, or encourage or assist any other person to, circumvent or modify any security technology or software that is part of the Service or used to administer the Usage Rules."

As such, Apple will likely have greater leverage enforcing its DRM-stripping against tools like PlayFair that are created to crack to the new copy protection mechanism.

Pepsi credits lost Jonathan A Freedman reports that his Pepsi credits were lost in the transition to iTunes 4.5:

In moving to the new version, I lost two song credits (Pepsi-Kind). Did anyone else have that problem? Does anyone know where to get these restored?"

Shopping cart issues MacFixIt reader Jim writes that after upgrading to iTunes 4.5, he is no longer able to view what is in his shopping cart.  "When I add an item, I get a change in the recommended stuff, but no list of individual songs and albums.  I had 250 in my list."

iPod-stored tracks cannot use some features Some new features in iTunes 4.5, such as the "Party Shuffle" random playlist function do not work with tracks that are stored on the iPod:

Andreas Pardeike writes "Do I really have to copy songs to my Mac to include them in the new features? I guess that leaves people like me who don't do full sync out of the extra features."

More on problems loading large libraries Yesterday we reported an inability to share larger libraries among Macs running iTunes 4.5 (the new release cannot share libraries with older versions). We've since received additional confirmation of the issue.

John Oswald writes "Sharing large libraries is indeed a problem. I am sitting here watching two Macs trying to load a 50 gb plus library and they just can't get there. This same library loaded in just a few seconds yesterday before updating thee computers in question to iTunes 4.5."

Some users find that a specific number of files triggers the problem, and creating playlists just under the limit allow sharing:

Dave Nanian writes "I've had the same experience as Ron Morris regarding large libraries. I've found that a library with up to 28900 tracks will load fine in iTunes 4.5 using playlist sharing. Any more than that causes an infinite "loading" barberpole.

"The only way I've been able to work around this problem is to create a playlist limited to 28899 tracks, and share that."

Another awkward fix, submitted by Hans Havermann, involves selecting only a playlist (with few songs) for sharing at first, and then resetting iTunes' preferences to share the entire, large library:


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