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iTunes 11 may include iOS 6 support, iCloud integration

The next major upgrade will include a dedicated iTunes settings panel, allowing users to control iCloud features within iTunes, 9to5Mac reports.


Apple is working on the next major upgrade of iTunes, including iOS 6 support and greater integration with iCloud, according to a 9to5Mac report.

The iTunes 11 build includes a dedicated iCloud settings panel, allowing users to control iCloud features and content from within iTunes, 9to5Mac reported. The site reports that the development it has seen so far has been focused on mechanics but that cosmetic updates are likely to come later.

Apple, which has been working on the upgrade for months, recently seeded an internal beta, according to the report.

The site also reports that we can expect a major revamp of the iTunes Store and App Store this summer or fall. 9to5Mac notes that Apple reportedly purchased mobile-application search and discovery company Chomp to bolster the search and recommendation features in the App Store.

Chomp, which launched in early 2010 as an alternate search tool for sifting through Apple's App Store, provides results based on an app's function, instead of its name.