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It's Wii time for Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus has partnered with Nintendo so that subscribers to the video-streaming service can access their TV shows via the Wii.

Hulu Plus subscribers can now access the service on the Nintendo Wii videogame console.

The partnership will offer Hulu Plus subscribers more ways to watch their streaming video on their TVs.

That's the knock on Hulu Plus and Amazon right now. Netflix, the No. 1 Web video-rental service, is compatible with many more devices. I should say that's one of the knocks. The big criticism of Hulu Plus is that managers charge the same $8 price for its streaming video but then force advertisements on viewers. But that's for another story.

When it comes to hardware, Hulu Plus is steadily making deals to add compatible devices.

Hulu Plus is now available on Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets, and Sony Web-connected televisions as well as many others.