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It's taking over, and it's called 'Internet'

Funny news broadcast from the '90s.

This is the funniest YouTube video you will see all day. Yes, funnier than that video you just watched of the cat who can play the piano while walking on a treadmill underwater. It's even funnier than that video of the skiier dressed up as Borat who falls off a roof and into a hot tub full of naked people. It's a Canadian news broadcast from the early '90s about the mystical phenomenon known as "Internet." Dial-up noises and all! Guaranteed hilarity!

Sure, it's not new, but I just saw it for the first time, which means at least a few of you haven't seen it yet either. Hey, here's an idea. First person to make a mashup of this video with Senator Ted Stevens' "series of tubes" speech wins a date with my Crave colleague Tim Moynihan.

(Via coin-operated.)