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It's sorta like the nerd version of dating twins

Play your old NES and SNES games on one console with the Retro Duo.

This Duo is dynamic.
This Duo is dynamic. What, you don't expect this kind of thing by now? Think Geek

When you're old like me (creak, creak), you tend to accumulate a metric crap-ton of stuff that you don't really need but don't want to get rid of. You know, like tax returns, canceled checks, and a heaping stack of old TV Guides.

OK, maybe that last one is just me.

Another thing I'm running out of room for is video game consoles. That's why when I saw the Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System on Think Geek, I was immediately intrigued. Technically, I don't really have room for this one either, but I was still intrigued.

Aside from playing both NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Super NES games in one console, which is admittedly cool, both cartridge slots are top-loading.

That means no more trial and error playing "Legend of Zelda" or "Super Mario Brothers 3." No more taking the cartridge back out, blowing on it furiously, slamming it back in the console and powering up, hoping you're not greeted with a screen of wavy lines or misformed game sprites only to once again take Mario's name in vain.

For $49.99, you get the system and two controllers. You can also use your old Nintendo controllers if you'd rather. Unlike some legally dodgy retro systems I've seen, this console comes with no games on a chip or even included cartridges. You use your old game carts.

And as a supermegahellacool bonus, it also plays most Japanese import games.