It's really official this time: launches to the public

The streaming site of Slingbox maker Sling Media is now open to the public, delivering TV episodes, clips, and full-length movies to a single destination. Sling Media
The player and page for Arrested Development on CNET

Last week, we reported that, the streaming site of Slingbox maker Sling Media, was moving from the private beta phase and launching to the public. Well, that move is now official, as Sling has sent the site live to the world--though the "beta" moniker remains.

Much has been written about the impending launch of A partial list of partners has been circulating the last few weeks, but Sling's PR reps wanted to use today's announcement to showcase the full list, which naturally is "growing each and every week."

I'd list all the partners, but it would make for one ugly blog post and it's easier to just give you these links if you're interested.

Full list of shows available on

Full list of channels available on

Those of you waiting for a review of the recently released SlingCatcher--we're working on it now. Unfortunately, that product was pushed onto the market a little early (we assume to hit some sort of self-imposed deadline) and was basically still in a beta state. We'd been waiting for a couple of key software updates/fixes to arrive before passing final judgment.

Comments anyone? Does live up to the hype? How could it be better?

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