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It's over: Google and Honeywell end thermostat patent battle

The 4-year-old patent dispute between Google/Alphabet's Nest Labs and Honeywell over Nest's thermostat has been resolved.

Clouds are giving way to sunshine in the patent dispute over the Nest Learning Thermostat.

John Kim/CNET

Back in February 2012, Honeywell filed a lawsuit against Nest Labs, the startup-turned-Google/Alphabet property. The lawsuit claimed various patent infringements related to Nest's Wi-Fi-enabled Nest Learning Thermostat, an HVAC controller that relies on algorithms to adapt to your routine over time and auto-adjust temperatures on your behalf.

Things have cooled down since then: The thermostat giants appear to have finally reached some sort of agreement, as noted in a brief joint statement Thursday afternoon.

While the exact details of the agreement remain confidential, the statement does suggest that Nest thermostats will remain on store shelves: "Google and Honeywell believe that this patent accord promotes product innovation and consumer choice in the market for smart home products." Honeywell and Nest did not immediately respond to a request to comment.