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It's Official: I'm Sticking with the Pre

Why I am keeping the Pre as my primary phone.

Why I am keeping the Pre as my primary phone.

Today I decided to keep the Pre as my primary phone--beyond the term of this test drive. I sold my Blackberry Pearl (no tears shed there) and installed an Invisible Shield to protect the Pre I purchased 30 days ago today. This means that I am locked in to a 2 year contract for this Pre (unless, of course, I want to pay the buy-out).

iPod Touch Fans

Why I chose to stick with the Pre I purchased and not the "free" demo Pre I was given for this test drive is a long and not-so-interesting story, so I won't get into it. Suffice it to say that, all things considered, it turned out to be better for me to use the phone I bought with the number I have used (for home, work, play) for the past ten years (if only Google Voice allowed number porting now!).

Anyway, I am really happy to be officially free of the tiny-screened, menu-crazy keyboard PITA that is the Blackberry Pearl. The Pre is just so much more pleasant as a phone. WebOS is nice. Very easy and responsive. And I have had zero hardware problems with my Pre (no "Oreo" issues with the phone halves twisting about, no dead pixels, no hot spots, nothing).

My biggest two issues have been 1) syncing contacts on my Pre to Google and 2) the fact that reception in my office is intermittent. For some, the latter might be a deal breaker, but it's not for me. I teach and so do not need to be in the office over the summer. And I have a sabbatical this fall, so...I don't really need to be there much until next spring. By then, I am hoping the reception issue will be a bit better. We'll see.

Now...Palm: Let's get moving on those updates and apps. I am very happy with the phone as is, but I'm ready for more ways to use this thing. Bring it!