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It's not TV. It's Google TV

Apple capitulates on its "no cash" policy for the iPad, the Sesame Street e-book store launches, and Google TV is not called Smart TV after all. It's just plain old Google TV.

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It turns out Google TV is not Smart TV. Not that it isn't smart. It just isn't called Smart TV like we thoughtit would be. It still may be smart TV. To be determined.

Google released information about Google TV today. Here is what I can gather about it so far: It is Google Search on your TV and it will marry Web video with broadcast and cable TV. So if you want to watch Top Chef Masters (and why wouldn't you?), you could just search "Top Chef Masters" and it would tell you where to watch new or back episodes online or on your existing cable subscription. If it finds multiple listings for upcoming or past episodes, you could add it to a home queue to watch later. 

For now, Google TV won't replace your set-top box yet (unfortunately). It will connect to your set-top box via another box or be built into your TV or other home entertainment peripherals. Think of it like Android built into your home theater gear.

This is still a cloudy concept since we don't really know what it can do yet. Can it let me watch Top Chef Masters while simultaneously browsing a Web browser for recipes while I watch? (As if I'm going to try to make mole foam or whatever.) Can it provide real-time programming based ads so that I can buy the same knives that Rick Bayless uses? Can I control it with an Android phone, even when I am not at home? These are things we will have to wait and see but now that it is in the hands of the developer community, I am excited to see what comes of it.

And anyone who watched last night's episode of Top Chef Masters, no spoilers please!

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