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It's not censorship, it's "safetyship"!

It's not censorship, it's "safetyship"!

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is calling for a mandatory government warning label on Web sites that contain sexually explicit material. Failure to post the warning, he says, should result in five-year prison sentences. Plus, he suggests jail time for Web site operators who use deceptive words or images to lure people to their explicit sites, and, according to some interpretations, favors making it a crime to actually post any sexually explicit material on a home page for any old person to see. Of course, since the definition of the material in question appears to cover everything from hard-core porn to the backside of a puppy, this set of laws would no doubt achieve every overzealous bureaucrat's unspoken wish: to just get rid of that troublesome, dangerous, subversive, evil Internet altogether.