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It's Nerf or nothing in this Team Fortress parody

What happens when the RED and BLU teams from Valve's multiplayer shootout exchange their deadly weapons for foam firearms? Find out in Corridor Digital's new video.

Guns and video games go together like Romeo and Juliet. They were always meant to be together even though it feels like the whole world is trying to rip them apart.

So what would it look like if a game franchise that uses a ton of deadly weapons tried to tone down the mayhem with some less dangerous options? Believe it or not, it would still look pretty cool.

The folks at the YouTube film studio Corridor Digital posted on Monday a Nerf-inspired parody of Valve's multiplayer deathmatch Team Fortress. All of the classes have much less lethal versions of the weapons they use in the game to take out their opponents. The Sniper has a huge Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion that shoots foam darts instead of armor piercing bullets. The Pyro sprays his enemies with water instead of flammable naplam. Even the Engineer and the Scout have Nerfified versions of their axes and baseball bats for some hand-to-hand combat that won't leave a mark.