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It's mini mania: Next up, a tiny Commodore 64

Glomming onto our love of all things retro and wee, Retro Games announces the C64 Mini, which comes with 64 games preinstalled.

The C64 Mini

Just half the size of the original 1982 Commodore 64, the C64 Mini still oozes nostalgia.

Retro Games/screenshot by CNET

Consumers have proved their love for retro mini systems. Nintendo could never keep up with demand for its NES Classic, one of 2016's hottest holiday gifts. And just look at how hard it is to get the SNES Classic, released Friday.

So what better time than now to introduce a wee little version of 1982's beloved Commodore 64? Retro Games on Friday announced the C64 Mini, which is half the size of the original version and will come with 64 preinstalled licensed games like Uridium, Pardroid and Hawkeye -- none of which this Atari-playing '80s girl remembers.

The C64 Mini is expected to launch in early 2018 for $70 and comes with a classic-style joystick, two USB ports and an HDMI cable, allowing it to connect to any modern TV.

The C64 Mini

The C64 Mini isn't launching till early 2018.

Retro Games/screenshot by CNET